LC 3000 assessment light cabinet

According to ISO 3664 and ASTM D1729

Robust MDF material. Inner surface coated in Munsell N7 grey. Foil keypad and LCD display for easy handling. Electronic controlled light control gear / converter for flare free power-up and switching between the light sources. An extensive range of illuminated cabinets with five different types of light sources for visual assessment of products for color, gloss, structure, damage etc. Available in different dimensions. All light sources can be combined.

Each color box /  illuminated cabinet is delivered with a 45° sample rack (table) and an elapsed hour counter for each light source.

Available sizes:


  • 60 cm width
  • Inner dimensions: 68 x 36 x 38 cm
  • Weight: 28 kg


  • 120 cm width
  • Inner dimensions: 128 x 59 x 59 cm
  • Weight: 60 kg