Determination of chloride according to ISO 8502-6 / ISO 8502-9

The Bresle-Kit is used for the determination of chloride content on surfaces in mg/m². Important for all objects which are in contact with salt water. Absolutely essential for corrosion protection works at vessels and off-shore-constructions. Easy to handle. Application on nearly all substrates.

DSP (Direct Sampling Procedure) 
The new Direct Sample Procedure eliminates the use of the 15ml measurement solution. Measurements can now directly be made in the solution that is extracted from the patch, eliminating the dilution step. This not only increases efficiency but also eliminates the most error sensitive part of the former procedure.

Delivery inclusive:

  • Conductivity meter (Standard meter or DSP meter)
  • Rinse and liquid solution for measuring instrument
  • Original SP patches (Latex) (25 pcs.)
  • Syringes and needles
  • One-way beakers
  • Non-ionized water (250 ml)
  • Carrying case