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PosiTector 6000
PosiTector 6000
coating thickness gage for metal substrates according to ISO 2178 / 2360 / 2808
PosiTector SmartLink
PosiTector SmartLink
Turns iOS & Android smart devices into a virtual PosiTector gage
coating thickness gage for ferric and steel
PosiTest DFT
PosiTest DFT
coating thickness gage for metal substrates according to ISO 2178 / 2360 / 2808 and prEN ISO 19840
coating thickness gage for ferric and steel
CS coating standards
CS Schichtdickenstandard
coating thickness standards
CAL coating standards
CAL Schichtdickenstandard
coating thickness calibration standards
PosiTector 200
PosiTector 200
coating thickness gage for non-metal substrates according to ISO 2808 and ASTM D 6132
CTG 3000 coating thickness gage
CTG 3000 Schichtdickenmessuhr
according to ISO 2808: 2007
PosiTest PC Powder Checker
PosiTest PC Powder Checker
Non-contact, uncured powder thickness gage conform to ASTM D7378
PaintChecker Mobile Blue LED
PaintChecker Mobile LED-B
measures uncured powder coating conform to DIN EN 15042-2
WG wet film comb (stainless steel)
WG Messkamm (Edelstahl)
coating thickness gage for wet films according to ISO 2808-7B
Wet Film Thickness Wheel Comb WGW-1
WGW-1 Prüfkamm-Rad
Wet Film Thickness Wheel Comb conform to ISO 2808-7B
WW 3000 wet film wheel
WW 3000 Nassfilm-Messrad
according to ISO 2808-7A and ASTM D1212
WG II-A wet film comb (alu)
WG-A Messkamm (Aluminium)
coating thickness gage for wet films
PosiTector Inspection Kit
PosiTector Inspektions-Set
PosiTector gage body (Standard or Advanced) with 3 probes
Grant OMK 610 data logger
OMK 610 Ofentemperaturlogger
temperature data logger system / oven monitoring kit according to requirements of GSB, QIB an Qualicoat
PosiTector DPM
PosiTector DPM
professional measuring gage for climatic parameters ideal for corrosion protection according to ISO 8502-4
PosiTector DPM L Dew Point Meter Logger
PosiTector DPM L Taupunkt-Datenlogger
Ideal for surface preparation as required by ISO 8502-4
MultiLog 390
MultiLog 390
small rugged climate datalogger for the corrosion industry
DewMag magnetic dew point meter
determins dew point, displays air temperature, relative humidity and surface temperature
PosiTector Concrete Moisture Meter Basic Kit
PosiTector CMM-IS Betonfeuchte-Messgerät Basis-Kit
In conformance with ASTM F2170
PosiTector Concrete Moisture Meter Complete Kit
PosiTector CMM-IS Betonfeuchte-Messgerät Komplett
In conformance with ASTM F2170
PosiTector CMM-IS Concrete Moisture Meter Pro Kit
PosiTector CMM-IS Betonfeuchte-Messgerät Profi-Kit
In conformance with ASTM F2170
CC 1000 cross cut tester
CC 1000 Gitterschnittgerät
For the evaluation of adhesion of coatings - according to ISO 2409
CC 3000 cross cut tester
CC 3000 Gitterschnittgerät
For the evaluation of adhesion of coatings - according to ISO 2409
CC 5000 curve cross cut tester
CC 5000 Curve Gitterschnittgerät
conform to DIN EN ISO 2409
CrossCut-Master 3000
CrossCut-Master 3000
stationary cross hatch cutter unit according to DIN EN ISO 2409
CCP cross cut template set
CCP Gitterschnittschablone
according to ISO 2409
MFS 3000 multi-functional plate
MFS 3000 Multischablone
According to ISO 2409 and ISO 2808-7B
ScratchMaster 3000
ScratchMaster 3000
Universal scratching device
PosiTest AT Manual
PosiTest AT Manual
Hydraulic adhesion tester with digital display according to ISO 4624
PosiTest AT-A Automatic
PosiTest AT Automatic
Automatic Adhesion Tester with electronically controlled hydraulic pump according to ISO4624/16276-1, ASTM D4541/D7234
Positest AT Verifier-Set
PosiTest AT Verifier-Set
Adhesion Tester Accuracy Verification Kit for Positest AT
CP 2000 Manual Cupping Tester
CP 2000 Tiefungsprüfmaschine
Manually operated Cupping Tester, in accordance with ISO 1520
DB 3000 cylindrical bending tester
DB 3000 Dornbiegeprüfer
according to ISO 1519
DB3000-A cylindrical mandrel bend test
DB 3000-A Dornbiegeprüfer
Cylindrical mandrel bend test, according to ISO 1519.
DB 3300 conical bending tester
DB 3300 Dornbiegeprüfer
conform to ISO 6860 and ASTM D522
IP 3000 impact tester
IP 3000 Kugelschlagprüfgerät
according to ISO 6272 / ASTM D 2794
Impact tester IPW Wegner type
IPW Kugelschlag nach Wegner
according to ISO 4532 and 4586/2
MG 6-F1 mini gloss meter
MG 6-F1 Glanzmessgerät
according to ISO 2813
MG 6-F2 Glossmeter
MG 6-F2 Glanzmessgerät
60° measuring angle. Conform to ISO 2813
MG 26-F2 Gloss Meter
MG 26-F2 Glanzmessgerät
Conforms ISO 2813 and ASTM 2457
MG 268-F2 tri-angle gloss meter
MG 268-F2 Glanzmessgerät
according to ISO 2813, ASTM 2457 and Haze acc. ASTM D4039
Compact DC porosity detector
Compact DC Porenprüfgerät
Porosity detection using 15 kV or 30 kV high voltage according to ISO 2746, ASTM G62-B, NACE PR0188-88
PosiTest HHD
PosiTest HHD
High Voltage Holiday Detector using pulse DC
PosiTest LPD
PosiTest LPD
Low voltage Pinhole Detector
CX 4 motorized film applicator
CX 4 Filmziehgerät
motorized film applicator
CX 1 motorized film applicator
CX 1 Filmziehgerät
Motorized film coater
UA 3000 universal film applicator
UA 3000 Universal Filmapplikator
with adjustable gap height
KR 300 applicator frame (4-sided)
KR 3000 Kastenrakel
ZLB applicator system BIRD/Baker
ZLB Ziehlineal
ZLW applicator system WASAG
ZLW Ziehlineal
gap heights freely definable 15 - 2.000 µm
VAR levelling and sag tester
VAR Verlauf- und Ablaufprüfrakel
According to ASTM D 2801, ASTM D 4400, DIN 55 677
GR 3000 grindometer
GR 3000 Grindometer
Model with 2 grooves
mtv test charts
mtv Prüfkarten
CX-202 motorized bar coater
CX 202 Filmziehgerät
Widely used in the print and printing paint industry
CR 3000 crockmeter
CRO 3000 Crockmeter
According to ISO 105-X12/02 / BS 1006D02 / ATTCC 8-2001 / IKEA IOS-SM-0002
AB viscocity cup DIN/ISO/FORD
determination of viscosity and flow time of paints
TAB immersion viscosity cup DIN / ISO / FORD ASTM
Immersion viscosity cup with handle
PMT pycnometer
PMT Pyknometer
According to EN ISO 2811 / VDA 621-103
DKG density ball Gamma®
DKG Dichtekugel
For determination of the density of liquids according to ISO 2811
HPS hardness tester
HPS Härteprüfstab
For the hardness test of coated surfaces
BH 3000 Hardness Tester Buchholz
BH 3000 Buchholz Härteprüfer
determination of indentation resistance conform to ISO 2815
SBP mar resistance tester
For determination of scratch resistance of coated surfaces
SH 3000 pencil hardness tester
SH 3000 Bleistifthärteprüfer
According to Wolff-Wilborn
PosiTector SHD
PosiTector SHD
Shore Hardness Durometers
HD 3000 shore hardness tester
HD 3000 Shorehärtemessuhr
According to DIN 53505 / ISO 868 / ISO 7619 / ASTM D 2240
PosiTector BHI Barcol Hardness Impressor
PosiTector BHI
Measures hardness of soft metals
LC 3000 assessment light cabinet
LC 3000 Lichtkabine
According to ISO 3664 and ASTM D1729
PosiTector SPG
PosiTector SPG
PosiTector SPG Surface Profile Gage measures and records peak to valley surface profile heights
PosiTector RTR-H
PosiTector RTR-H
Replica Tape Reader conform to ISO 8503-5
PosiTector RTR 3D Surface Profile
PosiTector RTR-3D
Conforms ISO 8503-5 / ASTM D 4417 / NACE / SSPC
Testex roughness testing instrument
Testex Rauheitsmess-System
According to ISO 8503-5 / ASTM D4417 / NACE / SSPC
Grit / Shot comparator
Grit / Shot Strahlstandard
According to ISO 8503-1
SSM Kit Soluble Salt Meter
detection of soluble salts on magnetizable surfaces
Defelsko PosiTector SST PosiPatch Kit
PosiTector SST
Determination of chloride according to ISO 8502-6 / ISO 8502-9
B2 / C2 inspection mirror
Sugitoh measuring microscope
Sugitoh Messmikroskope
Portable surface microscope 40x
MI40 Inspektionsmikroskop
Portable surface microscope with 40x magnification
Inspection microscope
MI100 Inspektionsmikroskop
Illuminated, 100x magnification
European rust grade book
Europäische Rostgradskala
According to ISO 8501-1:2007
DeFelsko PosiTector UTG - C
PosiTector UTG-C
Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gage
DeFelsko PosiTector UTG / ME
PosiTector UTG-ME
Multi echo ultrasonic wall thickness gauge
FTG 3000 digital thickness snap gage
FTG 3000 Foliendickenmessuhr
With LCD display
RS CURVE universal scratch tool
RS CURVE Universalritzgerät
Sikkens / van Laar / Clemen according to DIN EN ISO 9227
RS 1.0 scratching tool Sikkens
RS 1.0 Ritzstichel
According to Sikkens, conforms to DIN EN ISO 9227
RS 0.5 hand scratch stylus van Laar
RS 0.5 Ritzstift
according to van Laar According to EN ISO 9227
CMM Corosion Milling Master
CMM Corrosion Milling Master
Preparation for scratch test according to ISO 12944-6:2018
TPG 3000 drying grade tester
TGP 3000 Trockengradprüfgerät
conform to ISO 53 150 & DIN EN ISO 1517
BK 3 drying time recorder
BK 3 Trockenzeitrekorder
3 speed drying time recorder with 6 tracks
BK 6 drying time recorder
BK 6 Trockenzeitrekorder
4 speed drying time recorder with 6 tracks
BK-V20 Drying Recorder
BK-V20 Trockenzeitrekorder